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Monash Coal Exploration Lease Renewal Submission

Map of Mine Submission

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no new mines in our vines hunter valley

Launch Post

Did you know the NSW Government is currently evaluating mining applications that could see two new coal mines established within Hunter Valley Wine Country?
New mining activity will impact our thriving wine tourism industry, result in environmental damage, and have negative consequences on the region’s economy.

Help us stop new coal mines in the heart of our wine tourism region! #NoNewMinesInOurVines

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no new mines in our vines hunter valley

Wine Tourism

The Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s most visited wine growing regions, with over 2.4 million visitors each year bringing significant employment and economic benefits to the region.
The proposed sites for the two new coal mines located between Pokolbin and Broke–Fordwich would be detrimental to the region’s flourishing wine tourism industry.
That’s why we’re fighting to prevent new coal mines in Hunter Valley Wine Country! #NoNewMinesInOurVines

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Wine Growing/Environment

We are not opposed to mining, but new mining operations in Hunter Valley Wine Country will result in considerable environmental impacts.

The proposed new coal mines will damage prime viticultural land, increase road traffic, air and noise pollution, not to mention the visual impact on our stunning landscapes from the mountains to the valley.

Say no to new coal mines in the heart of Hunter Valley Wine Country! #NoNewMinesInOurVines

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no new mines in our vines hunter valley

Industry/ Jobs

The Hunter Valley has more wineries and cellar doors than any other wine region in Australia! The local wine tourism sector creates thousands of jobs and generates millions in annual revenue.
The highly sustainable viticulture and wine tourism industry has been thriving in Hunter Valley Wine Country for over 200 years and could continue to do so for hundreds more if we protect it!
That’s why we’re fighting for #NoNewMinesInOurVines

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